4 Smoothies for Energy: Learn how to prepare them


Smoothies provide us the daily dose of vitamins, so if you do not want to eat a salad every day, you can easily make some of the 4 smoothies for energy.

If you tend to lead a healthy life, then for sure you have tried some of the smoothies that were in latest trend. You do not have to spend money on “smoothie to go” because you can easily make yours at home.

How to prepare the smoothies

The only thing you will need in order to prepare the smoothies is to visit the closest store and buy some fruit and vegetables. Believe me, the preparation cannot be any simpler. Today we decided to inspire you with 4 smoothies for energy that are delicious and healthy, stay with us until the end and learn how to restore your energy every day!

Apple Smoothie


  • Two apples
  • Two glasses of milk
  • Two natural yogurts
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Ice (optional)

Doctors say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Indeed, there is no person that can say no to apple, simply because it is delicious, healthy and a great snack. Also, you will supply your body with vitamins and you will have greater energy. In order to prepare this apple smoothie, you will need apples, milk, yogurt, cinnamon powder and sugar. If you are interested in simpler version of the smoothie, take a look at the video which is made by AllasYummyFood

Peach Smoothie


  • A pair of ripe peaches
  • Two glasses of milk
  • Two natural or peach yogurt
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Ice (Optional)

Peaches are proven to treat many serious conditions such as cancer, bad cholesterol, diabetes and skin conditions. As it is always better to skip it than treat it, you might enjoy this peach smoothie at least once a week. Improve your days with this healthy smoothie.

Click here to learn how to make the peach smoothie by y Basil Leaf-Vietnamese-Asian And American Comfort Food Recipes

Strawberry Smoothie


  • Two glasses of milk
  • Strawberries
  • Two natural or strawberry yogurts
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Ice (Optional)

Besides having great impacts on your hair and skin, strawberries contain half of the required dose of vitamin C. Also the vitamin C present in this fruit plays a vital role in strengthening the eye’s retina and cornea. There are much more healthy reasons why you should eat strawberries, but here we present you a strawberry smoothie which is delicious and which you can carry in a glass to work, without being afraid of red marks.

You can find another delicious recipe by Florida Strawberry Growers Association on the following video.

Kiwi Smoothie


  • Two glasses of milk
  • Four ripe kiwis
  • Two natural yogurts
  • Two spoons of sugar
  • One banana (Optional)
  • Ice (Optional)

If you want to protect your DNA from oxidative damage and boost your immunity, then you will enjoy preparing this healthy kiwi smoothie. It is actually very simple to make. You will only need a few ingredients that you probably use on daily basis.

Click here to learn how to make the kiwi smoothie according to The Protein Chef


Last words

There exist thousands of healthy smoothie recipes which can do miracles for you. By drinking at least one smoothie a day, you will reduce the risk factors and you will improve your health. Perhaps you have never thought about the smoothies in this way, but we bet you will start taking them seriously from now on.

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