Who Is Likely To Experience Anxiety Attack – How To Prevent One

how to prevent an anxiety attack

The anxiety attack can appear at any time in an adverse situation.Therefore, it’s important to know relaxation techniques to help you prevent one. An anxiety attack is a terrifying and debilitating experience for anyone that suffers from one. The trigger for anxiety attack is typically unknown, nor is the reason that generates this maladaptive response characterized by an irrational fear, and the clear feeling that we are going to suffer a heart attack.

The loss of control is absolutely devastating. On the other hand, something we must consider is that any of us can experience an anxiety attack at any time. So no one is really immune to this message of fear that unleashes in our body an unpredictable reaction.

Even more, it is necessary to know that once the first anxiety attack occurs, it is common for others to follow. If this is your case, do not hesitate to find a good professional to help you. Below we will present you 5 simple steps to deal with this anxiety attacks. However, remember: the idea is that you find your own plan, those that best suit your particular needs.

What Exactly Is Anxiety Attack

The first step is introductory. When we have a problem or a certain ailment, it is advisable to know what it is, what generates it and what causes it. First, become aware that, although you believe otherwise, a panic attack will not take your life. It is a very normal condition among us, triggered by an excess of adrenaline that enters the bloodstream.

Anxiety attacks are caused by fear. Fears are irrational and in many occasions, we do not even understand what causes them or how to control them. It is interesting to know that anxiety is a natural and instinctive defense system that prepares us to flee from danger. This reaction allowed us to survive in the past by escaping from predators, but today, our true predator is sometimes life itself and its complexities.

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Recognize Your Symptoms

The anxiety attack is like an outburst. Let’s take an example: Jose is a 36-year-old man with a good job, two children, a partner and a relative who is older than him.

In appearance, he has no more problems than his multiple responsibilities. He has always been able to fulfill everything perfectly. However, lately, when he least expects it, he suffers anxiety attacks.

They appear sometimes before going to work, or when he argues with his partner or the children.

Two years ago his father died and, although it was something traumatic for him, he was sure that he had overcome him.

But, a month ago his pet died, and it’s as if all that suffering from the past came back again.

You can clearly see, there are several things that can make a very complex whole: stress, pressure, a family loss, the loss of the pet … Now Jose suffers more and more attacks, and his doctor has taught him to recognize the symptoms in order to react appropriately:

  • Tachycardia
  • Negative thoughts
  • Feeling that you are going to drown or that your heart is going to stop
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dizziness
  • Sweating

Get a Habit Of Using Reassuring Phrases

Each person should have their own, but having a series of reassuring phrases is a simple and useful resource in these cases. Here are some examples:

  • “Everything is fine, I’m going to calm down, my mind is in balance”.
  • “Everything has happened, I’m safe, nothing is going to hurt me.”
  • “Stop, stand up and take control, calm down now and take the reins.”
  • “Nothing’s going to happen to me, I’m safe, just breathe, just take a breath and trust you.”

Breathing Control

The control of breathing is very important in controlling and placating an anxiety attack. You should not forget that this response of our mind to the perception of a danger is primarily physical and organic. Accordingly, you can start regulating breathing to control the cardiac acceleration.

As soon as you perceive the physical symptoms of the anxiety attack, look for a quiet place and try not to feel pressure from the clothes (take off your jacket, unbutton a button, sit down).

  • Breath in for 5 seconds
  • Hold that air for 7 seconds
  • Exhale for 8 seconds
  • Repeat this cycle for about 5 minutes.

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Keep The Negative Thoughts Away

Negative thoughts flow like a torrent during an anxiety attack. It’s like opening a door to let in the rays of a storm. Learn to cut that flow, stop them. Say “no” and take control over your mind by visualizing a very simple image that can help you.

Negative thoughts are like burning candles. Breath air and blow them off, one by one, without leaving any. This way, you continue with the exercise of breathing and stop any negative thoughts that further boost an anxiety attack. To conclude, these strategies are very basic as well as elementary. Do not hesitate to create your own or adjust them according to your personality and needs: they will be of great help.

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Who Is Likely To Experience Anxiety Attack –... The anxiety attack can appear at any time in an adverse situation.Therefore, it's important to know relaxation techniques to help you prevent one. An ...

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