Benefits of Yoga & Why You Should Try It

benefits of yoga

The whole world is practicing yoga, and it is for a good reason! If you feel depressed, sad or unenergetic, you need to look at the benefits of yoga.

Yoga techniques have been a subject of multiple experiments aimed at corroborating their incidence on the nervous system, heart rate and their ability to generate a beneficial state in the healing of various ailments. It is potential to change depressive moods into stronger ones. The reality is that not only changes people’s health, but it changes the way people live. Meditation affects the brain, and EGG changes and other adverse effects during meditation raise. (1)

What exactly is Yoga?

benefits of yoga

When we think of yoga in general, different postures come to mind, some simpler, others more complicated. However, yoga is much more than asanas. Tantra yoga, in particular, is like a meditation in movement, since it focuses on the strength and flexibility but also on reflection and on attaining an inner connection.

Rediscover Silence and Be Comfortable

Almost all of the yoga classes offered in the West are accompanied by different types of music. For the tantra yoga classes are silent. Silence helps us to flow with the rhythms of our body and our breathing and not with the sounds of certain music.

Tantra yoga regains the importance of relaxation and reminds us that we do not have to be continually doing something. In tantra yoga, flexibility and physical dexterity are only natural consequences of the practice. Tantra yoga classes facilitate total relaxation that allows us to free ourselves from the stress that we carry and reach new deeper states in practice and in our daily life.

It is a Pleasant Experience. In general, we tend to associate pleasure with sexual connotations. According to the principles of tantra, everything we do in our life should give us pleasure. Enabling us the possibility of entering ourselves in an authentic way, helps us to find a magnificent and harmonious way of living our life. Tantra yoga guides us on that path of reconnection and opening.

The Benefits of Yoga

General Flexibility

The improvement of flexibility is one of the first clear benefits of yoga practice. During the first class, you probably will not be able to touch the tips of your feet with your hands, let alone make backstrokes. However, if you put yourself to it with determination, you will notice a gradual loosening, and eventually, some positions that seemed impossible will be possible at least. The disappearance of pain and tension will also be noticeable.

Improve Bone Mass

It is well documented that weight-bearing exercises strengthen bones and prevent and even eliminate osteoporosis. Many yoga postures lifting of weight and hold the same in partially different joints.

benefits of yoga

Improvement of Circulation

Regular practice of yoga can help to increase blood flow to the brain, and reduce stress(2). The relaxation exercises that are shown in lessons can help circulation, especially of the feet and hands. In addition, yoga transports more oxygen to the cells, which work with better results.

The torsion positions are designed to “drain” the venous blood from the internal organs and allow the oxygenated blood to flow towards them when the posture is released. Inverted postures such as the inversion of the hands, head or shoulders urge venous blood from the hips and legs to flow to the heart where it is released into the lungs to be oxygenated and refreshed.

Improved Heart

We already know that yoga is aerobic. However, with vigorous practice, the heart can strengthen itself within an aerobic constant. Studies show that the practice of yoga lowers the resting heartbeat. It increases its strength and increases its oxygen supply potential during exercise.

Nervous Centers

Yoga stimulates relaxation, slows breathing and focuses on the present, harmonizing the balance between the sympathetic nervous system (that of the fight or flight response) and the parasympathetic nervous system. The latter is soothing and restorative; it diminishes the cardiac and respiratory rate, decreases the arterial pressure and increases the volume of blood to the intestines and the reproductive organs.

Pain Relief

Yoga can relieve pain. According to several studies, asanas reduce pain in people with arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome and other chronic ailments. In addition, you relieve pain, the mood improves, and you are more willing to be active.

There are other benefits of yoga as well, which is why you need to continue following us. On a next occasion, find out more how yoga can change your life positively.

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