Best Pet Brushing Tools for Short Haired Dogs

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Dogs need a constant care in order to keep them healthy and clean. The main reason why you need to brush your dog’s hair is because you get rid of extra hair, bacteria and fleas; this, if you let your dog play outside or if you allow him to play with other dogs.

Although taking care of your dog can be a tiring job, they simply deserve it. Not only you have to do this for them, but for your health as well.

Disinfection and vacuuming is really important in order not to transfer any hair in your bed sheets, pillows etc. We all know how the house can become a real mess once dog’s hair starts falling.

For this particular reason, today we present you the best pet brushes and grooming tools which you can use at home. Because going to a professional pet stylist can cost a lot!

Pet brush according to the coat type

One of the main reasons to keep in mind before buying a brush is the type of coat your dog has. If your dog has small hair, it is best if you go with brush that is specially made for this type of hair, because you will avoid injuries or skin irritation. In addition, we present you the best pet grooming brushes which you can order on Amazon.

bonve pet brush

Bonve Pet

The Bonve Pet brush is an amazing brush that is self-functioning, and will remove the hair and hide it in the special container behind. When you press the small button on top, all hair will fall out. This makes it easy for use and for removing dog hair without spreading it around the house.

It has flexible pins which are especially designed to prevent any injury and also are perfectly working with curly hair, which means if your dog has curly hair, you can strengthen it.


  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Size: 10 x 5.8 x 3 inches
  • Material: stainless steel, TPE, OPP Environmental protection material

Price: $10.99. Check it out on Amazon!

PetExpert Slicker Brush

PetExpert Slicker Brush

The PetExpert Slicker Brush is a lot similar to the Bonve Pet brush. Both of them are built in a similar way, which means have a separate container where dog hair is collected, and is made for gentle brushing.

The PetExpert brush eliminates loose hair and eliminates knots, trapped dirt and dander. After you are done with brushing, you can easily press the button on top and clean it. It is extremely recommended for Shih Tzu, terrier, Pomeranian dog and others with short hair.

If you want your dog to look well brushed with shiny coat all the time, this is the type of brush you need. It’s unbreakable, economic and dogs love it.


  • Material: BS + TPR + Stainless Steel
  • Brush Length:4.7inch
  • Brush Width:2.7inch
  • Item Length:7 inch(include handle)


  • Will get through the thickest double coats easily
  • Dog grooming brushes Leaves your pet’s coat soft & shiny
  • Removes mats and tangles quickly
  • Builds a special bond with you and your pet
  • Matted dog hair removal and helps prevent tangles and matting
  • Removes debris, dead and hair from your pet’s coat
  • Reduces pet hair in your household
  • Pet brush Increases blood circulation
  • Keeps your pet looking and feeling good
  • Ideal for both shedding and non shedding dog breeds

Price: On Amazon, the PetExpert Slicker is $8.88. Click here to buy it!

pet hair remover by delomodirect

Pet Hair Remover by DelomoDirect

If your dog is scared of new tools, then he will deifnitely enjoy this pet grooming glove. Since it is gentle, you can also use it as a dog massager, besides as flexible groomer which also brushes away tangles, undercoat hair, and prevents forming of dirt inside the fur.


  • Flexible Grooming Glove with Soft Rubber Tips
  • Adjustable Wrist Strap (One Size Fits All)
  • Lightweight and Breathable
  • Gentle Hair Remover
  • Machine Washable (Easy to Clean)
  • Safe for Cats, Dogs and Other Pets
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 12-month Warranty
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 7.2 x 0.5 inches ; 2.56 ounces

Price: On Amazon, the Pet Hair Remover by DelomoDirect is $5.99. Click here to buy it!

Le Salon Essentials Rubber Grooming Brush with Loop Handle 

Le Salon Essentials Rubber Grooming Brush with Loop Handle 

Whenever you need help in bathing your dog, Le Salon Essentials brush will definitely help. Since it has a rubber body, this brush is perfect for brushing on wet and dry. It is ideal for small haired dogs and since the hair gets stuck during the brushing process, you can easily remove it afterwards.

Although the brush works perfectly, it is best if you use it while your dog is wet. Thus you will prevent any spreading of hairs in the room.


  • Product Dimensions: 1.8 x 4.8 x 5.5 inches ; 3.2 ounces
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Removes loose and shedding hair
  • Is excellent for sudsing and cleaning
  • Works perfectly for short or smooth coated breeds

Price: On Amazon, the Le Salon Essentials Rubber Grooming Brush with Loop Handle is $6.08. Click here to buy it!

Final Words

Although there are a lot of options out on the market, we chose the best products for your dog and you. It is important that the brushing process is something you enjoy in both, and not just an essential thing to do.

We believe that today we have helped you make the right decision for your furry friend. All of these products are made of quality and durable materials and will provide the care your pet needs. Only you can make the right choice for your pet, simply because you know how it will react to these brushes. Let us know in a comment which one you have tried and love the most!

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