How to Disinfect Your Bathroom With Bleach Bath Products

bleach bath

Bathrooms and toilets must be kept clean and well maintained. These are the best ways to disinfect your bathroom with bleach bath products and more.

The task of cleaning the bathroom is always unpleasant; however, it is a must! Millions of bacteria live there and that can be harmful to the whole family, especially children. It’s not about just throwing the garbage. This task usually takes a little effort and dedication and today, we present you the best ways to disinfect your bathroom with bleach bath products.

Why You Need to Disinfect Your Bathroom Often

bleach bath

The main agents of infection in the bathroom are bacteria and mold. Humidity is the first cause of the previous ones. So the bathroom should be kept ventilated and dry. Another common occurrence of contamination is the residue of urine or fecal matter in the toilet. So you should get used to completely unloading the tank.

These remnants of soap or shampoo are attractive to fungi. The same goes for toothpaste waste. Also, the cause stubborn stains in the sink. The bathroom must be disinfected in dept at least once a week, while correlative measures must be applied daily. This will help reduce the risks of infection, and if you follow our best ways to disinfect your bathroom, you will not have to worry about infections.

In addition, handwashing with plain (not antibacterial) soap and water is one of the most important ways that we can prevent the spread of germs.(2)

Where to Start Disinfecting Your Bathroom

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To start disinfecting your bathroom, the first thing is the use of gloves. This prevents direct contact with the bacteria. It also protects hands from cleaning products that can be abrasive. Always wash your hands before putting gloves on and after taking gloves off.(3)

Another aspect to keep in mind is to use specific products for each area or objective. Stain removers, disinfectants, bleach bath products are the most basic for cleaning. It is really important not to use the same tools for all parts. It is preferable to have a brush or cloth for each bathroom part.

The toilet and the bathtub or shower are the places that accumulate most germs. You have to be very careful on the floor and walls. Remember that the drain accumulates waste soap, shampoo, and hair.

All types of waste must be removed before starting to clean the shower or bathtub. A damp sponge with bleach or stain remover will help remove mold from the walls. The toilet should be cleaned with bleach for best results. It is important to put a lot of detail on the edge where the dirt accumulates. Do not forget the toilet cup. The seat can be cleaned with a cloth with disinfectant or bleach.

In the case of the sink, the first thing is to remove the residues of toothpaste or hair. There may also be grit from the water. With a sponge impregnated with bleach, the whole piece is disinfected. Then it is cleaned with plenty of water.

Do not forget the floors and walls of the bathroom in general. A cloth with hot water, soap and bleach bath products are effective for these cases. It is important to remove all residue of cleaner after applying it.

Errors When Disinfecting the Bathroom

bleach bath

Little or no ventilation Some people tend to disinfect the bathroom with windows and closed doors. The open windows or the extractor on preventing the formation of a mold by moisture.

Forgetting the curtains Due to its contacts with water, the curtains or screen accumulate mold. You have to clean them with a rag soaked in brine. Also, the bleach diluted in water ineffective.

Not replacing the towels Due to humidity, the towels accumulate bacteria. Ideally, change them once a week. The same should apply to the shower and washbasin mat.

Not cleaning the accessories The glass where the toothbrushes are placed accumulates a lot of molds. This fungus can adhere to the handle of the brushes. It is advisable to clean the bathroom accessories with soap and water.

Forgetting the mirror Vinegar with water is effective for cleaning the mirror. You can also apply a common mirror cleaner.

The mixture of vinegar and water is effective to remove the accumulated lime in the shower. In case there is rust, a solution of hot water with lemon, hot water, and salt can be prepared.

To remove stains in the drain, you can apply bicarbonate with water. It is important to use very hot water to obtain better results.

In the case of stubborn stains, alcohol is very effective. One measure of alcohol should be mixed for every 6 of hot water. Apply to the stained area and let it act for a few minutes. This is cleaned with water.

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