Most People Don’t Realize What Is The Biggest Cancer Risk Factor

obesity cancer risk factor

Are you aware, what is the single biggest cancer risk factor? Well, most people aren’t. Stay with us to found out what most people know of cancer.

How many times have you read before, food is associated with most if not all things that relate to health. Most people get the answer wrong. For example, if you are a woman, obesity is the single biggest cancer risk factor. The American Society of Clinical Oncology surveyed around 4000  Americans (of which 4% have or had cancer and 32% have a family member with cancer experience) only to find out that people aren’t really aware of what exactly is going on when it comes to cancer.

69 percent of those surveyed, didn’t know that obesity is the major cancer risk factor, ASCO found.

Of the most common cancers like lung, breast, colon, and prostate, three of them directly link to obesity as being their primary cancer risk factor.

And around 80 percent of the survey participants didn’t know viruses can cause cancer. The HPV– Human papillomavirus, causes almost all cases of cervical cancer. It also causes a large portion of the oral cancer cases. And as much as 70 percent didn’t know alcohol is a cancer risk factor. Imagine that.

People that didn’t know tobacco use is the single biggest cancer risk factor was as much as 22 percent. And another 34 percent didn’t know the sun is also among the major cancer risk factors.

People Opinions On Reducing the Cancer Risk

Did you know that cancer can be prevented? Well, most Americans don’t. Research shows that nearly half the cancer cases and cancer deaths come down to people lifestyles, which they could easily change. Like, drinking too much, smoking, lack of physical activity, and being overweight.

Recently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that only 60 percent of adults remain in normal or healthy weight. And as much as 20 percent of adolescents are obese. These are the highest numbers ever recorded for the U.S.

People who are overweight or obese have higher risk chance of developing the 13 risk cancer that directly links to obesity. These account for 40 percent of all cancers diagnosed in U.S. for the year 2014. CDC stated that 55 percent of all cancers in women and 24 in men associate with obesity and overweight.

13 Cancers For Which Obesity and Overweight Are The Major Cancer Risk Factors

  • Meningioma (cancer in the tissue covering brain and spinal cord)
  • Adenocarcinoma of the esophagus
  • Multiple myelomas (cancer of blood cells)
  • Kidneys
  • Uterus
  • Ovaries
  • Thyroid
  • Breast (post-menopausal women)
  • Liver
  • Gallbladder
  • Upper stomach
  • Pancreas
  • Colon and rectum

Regardless the Facts

People still worry about doing the wrong things, the survey has found.

Most people are actually worried that excessive cellphones usage is cancer risk factor. This is a surprisingly tenacious belief, regardless the lack of evidence.

There really is no evidence that shows cell phone use can cause cancer, but, there is, in fact, observational studies that suggest no particular risk.

cellphones cancer risk factors
People worry that cell phones might give them cancer, despite no good evidence for that whatsoever. In the meantime, fewer than half of Americans use sunblock to protect their skin from the sun.

Additionally, another interesting fact is that some people also revealed a fear of consuming caffeine because they thought it is a cancer risk factor. Regardless, there is no good evidence for that either.

Although pollution is not a major contributor to cancer, another 50 percent of the participant’s named pollutants is a cancer risk factor.

To conclude, it might not be a great surprise that the survey found most Americans lack knowledge of cancer, hence, decrease their chance of preventing one, and possibly saving their lives.

What We Aim To Do – Cancer Risk Factors

Besides not knowing exactly what causes it, fewer than half of Americans say that they engage in the following things to prevent cancer: Just a little below 50 percent of the survey participants say they exercise regularly, and use sunblocks and limit their exposure to the sun. This may come in handy, but it’s not enough. Another 40 percent say they keep regular track of maintaining their weight at healthy levels, and they limit their alcohol consumption.

The statistics on obesity, however, show that people who think they are maintaining a healthy weight are fooling themselves. And the fact that some people think caffeine and cell phones can cause cancer, indicates that people’s perception of cancer risk factors is indefinite.

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