Our Healthy Dinner Idea: Chicken with Lemon Recipe

Chicken with Lemon

If you decided to eat healthily, this Chicken with Lemon Dinner Idea with lemon will be an excellent way to surprise your loved ones, including yourself.

Since healthy eating is not just a trend, but a way of staying fit, we are offering you a healthy dinner idea for today – chicken recipe with lemon. Stay and learn how to prepare it!

Ingredients for preparing this chicken with lemon

For this healthy dinner idea which consists of a chicken recipe with lemon, you will need the following ingredients:

⦁ 4 chicken breasts

⦁ 1/4 cup flour

⦁ 1/2 teaspoon paprika

⦁ 1/2 tablespoon butter

⦁ 1/4 cup water or white wine

⦁ 1/2 piece lemon juice

⦁ Chopped parsley

⦁ Chopped chives

How to prepare this chicken recipe

This chicken with a lemon recipe is really easy for preparing, and on top of that, it is extremely healthy! Follow these steps and let us know the outcome of your chicken.

  1. Put the flour on a plate with paprika. Stir well and then put the chicken Then turn them around until you have a nice brown steak.
  2. Salt is added and the chicken is left to cook well.
  3. Remove it and put in a refractory. In the same pan put the onion, then the lemon juice and a little water (3-4 tablespoons). Try it and see if you need to add more salt and then put the juice on the chicken and sprinkle with parsley.
  4. You can put it in the oven to make it hot.

Tell us what you think of this healthy dinner idea and how your chicken recipe turned out! Enjoy this dinner and serve it with cold chardonnay.

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