Dukan Diet – The 4 Weight Loss Phases & Health Facts

The Dukan Diet

Have you heard of the Dukan Diet for weight loss? Do you want to know how to lose weight in a healthy manner? Follow us and let explain you everything.

This natural weight loss plan is made by Pierre Dukan who is a French nutritional expert and dietician. He is also the creator of the Dukan Technique. The Dukan diet consists of 4 stages that help you slim down, in a simple and quick way.

What is the Dukan Diet?

The Dukan diet is a protein or hyper-protein diet, which includes increasing the protein consumption in the everyday diet plan, changing as suitable in each of the phases, and avoiding the intake of carbs.

In this method, the body generates “ketosis“. This triggers fat within the body to be taken in by no ingesting carbs. Fats convert into ketone bodies which we get rid of by breathing or urinating. The very first 2 phases of the diet are accountable for weight reduction. While the latter 2 help in preserving, avoiding the dreadful rebound impact.

The very first 2 phases of the diet are accountable for weight reduction. The rest is up to preserving and avoiding the dreadful rebound impact.

Phases of the Dukan diet

As mentioned before, the Dukan Diet consists of 4 phases. The first one is called “Attack phase”. This phase’s characteristics are that it produces a metabolic modification in the body.

Food restriction is important in this phase because the weight reduction is higher. You can identify the period of this phase depending on the results in weight loss that you wish upon. If you wish to lose less than 5 kilos the phase would last a day, in between 5 and 10 kilos it would require 3 days and for weight reduction, in between 10 and 20 kilos, the stage would last 5 days.

In the first phase of the Dukan diet, you can only eat food high in animal protein. Such as skinless chicken, low-fat fish, skim milk, eggs, seafood, lean red meat and low-fat cheese. Foods that are forbidden in this phase: fruits and veggies, bread, fats, lamb, goose, duck, pork, cold meats and carbs such as rice and cereals.

Second phase of the Dukan Diet

Cruising phase is the second one in the Dukan diet, and it is easier to follow than the previous one considering that brand-new foods are included that enable to vary the diet. Many veggies are contributed to being consumed together with protein, leaving one day a week to consume only proteins. The period of this stage depends on the time it takes to reach the ideal weight, about two months.

You can mix many veggies together with protein, leaving one day a week to consume only proteins. The period of this stage depends on the time it takes to reach the ideal weight, that is, about two months.

You can consume the foods allowed the previous stage of the Dukan diet together with the veggies either raw or cooked, without restricting the amount. Do not eat any Rice, potatoes, beans, fruits, artichokes, or corn. Prevent dressing that consists of more than one tablespoon of oil.

Third phase of the Dukan Diet

Consolidation stage is the third phase of the Dukan diet. This stage is accountable for avoiding the dreaded rebound impact. It allows the steady incorporation of foods with carbs.

This Dukan prophase depends on the kilos that you have actually lost. In this phase, you don’t lose weight, nor do you increase weight. You can eat celebratory meals, but not extremely abundant. You can treat yourself sometimes, however, with a specific quantity and frequency.

  • Pork, lamb or ham, that you prepare, as soon as or two times a week.
  • One serving of fruit per day, (except for bananas, grapes, cherries).
  • Two slices a day of whole wheat bread.
  • 40 grams of cheese a day (except fermented).
  • Two portions a week of pasta, wheat or lentils.
  • Once a week you can eat white rice and potatoes in small amounts.
  • One day a week take in just proteins.

Last phase of the Dukan Diet

Stabilization phase is the last phase of the Dukan Diet. At this stage, you have reached your goal. You need to keep a specific day in the week eating just proteins to make up for the excesses of other days. If done properly, this phase can last a lifetime, maintaining great consuming habits.

For the method to be effective you need to take in 12 glasses of water each day and a tablespoon of oat bran. Which you can blend with yogurt or prepare them in a pancake. It is essential to mix one egg white, one tablespoon whipped cheese and oats.


The Dukan Diet is a perfect way to reduce your weight in a healthy and natural way. Follow these stages and you will notice the results in just a few days.

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