5 Early Signs of Pancreatic Cancer

early signs of pancreatic cancer

Most of these symptoms can also respond to other pathologies. However, they can also be the very first early signs of pancreatic cancer. Check it out.

The pancreas is a pear-shaped gland located between the stomach and the spine. Its function plays an essential role for our health since it participates in the metabolism of the body by holding responsible for producing a part of the juices that are required for digestion, as well as the hormones that regulate blood sugar levels.

Like the rest of the organs, the pancreas can too be attacked by the malignant cells that can rise to cancer, a rather dangerous disease that can lead to death. Also known as exocrine cancer, it has a great incidence in the male population, although it can also occur in women, especially of older age. Although there is still no exact known cause that explains its appearance, experts believe that alcohol consumption, smoking, and genetics may be related.

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Early Signs Of Pancreatic Cancer

1. Mild Abdominal Pain

The abdominal pain that occurs as a sign of pancreatic cancer has a characteristic that makes it different from those that occur for other reasons: when you lean forward, you can experience a sense of relief.

 It is a persistent discomfort that has different levels of intensity, radiating in many cases up to the back. This symptom is produced by the spread of malignant cells in the affected nerve tissues, although it is usually intermittent.

2. Digestive problems

This is one of the most difficult symptoms to consider as pancreatic cancer due to all the factors that can cause it. Nevertheless, it is essential to mention it, since it is quite common among patients due to an obstruction that blocks the circulation of digestive enzymes, responsible for digesting those heavy foods such as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

When these difficulties arise, the person can experience:

  • Constipation.
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Gases

3. Yellowish Skin

The yellowing of the skin is usually the result of an increase in bilirubin levels in the blood. When the tumor takes place in the head of the pancreas, patients usually suffer from this symptom. Itching on the hand often times accompany the yellowish skin symptom.

This is caused by a blockage in the bile duct, which is responsible for regulating this pigment.

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4.  Sudden Weight Loss

Who would not like to lose many kilos suddenly? It seems a miracle to lose a few sizes from one moment to the next without making an effort.

The truth is that behind this “wonder” hides one of the early signs of pancreatic cancer or other chronic diseases.

5. Abnormal Stool

This is the top five early signs of pancreatic cancer. Due to the interference caused by the tumor in the action of the digestive enzymes, changes in the stool can be very common as an early indicator of this disease.

For example, since digestion is more difficult, bowel movements are harder and difficult to expel. In addition, they tend to ferment for all the time they spend in the body and have a more fetid odor than normal.

Some experts believe that observing these types of details, or other signs such as bleeding, increase the chances of receiving an early diagnosis. Experiencing these symptoms with recurrence is a more than sufficient reason to consult with a specialist to get an adequate medical examination.

There is always a possibility of finding another source. However, it can never hurt to rule out this disease among the possible options. Especially if you have some kind of family history related to pancreatic cancer or pancreas issues.

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