Foods For Prostate Cancer – The Good and The Bad

prostate cancer

A healthy diet plan and regular exercise are very important for basic health and can help you remain a healthy weight. This may be especially essential if you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, as there is strong proof that being overweight or obese boosts the danger of getting prostate cancer that’s aggressive (most likely to spread) or advanced (cancer that has spread out outside the prostate). A healthy lifestyle can also assist handle a number of the adverse effects of treatments for prostate cancer.

We don’t advise any set diet or exercise programme. Instead, we recommend methods to enhance your general health, consisting of some modifications that may assist with your prostate cancer.

Foods That Can Help With Prostate Cancer – The Good

There is some proof that particular foods may help slow down the development of prostate cancer or decrease the chance of it coming back after treatment. Listed below, we describe some of the foods that might be practical for men with cancer of the prostate. But the evidence is very restricted at the moment. We need more research prior to we can say for particular whether any single food can assist slow down the growth of prostate cancer.

  • Pomegranate

Some research study suggests that pomegranate juice may benefit males with prostate cancer. However, there is no real evidence yet that this is the case. If you want to try pomegranate though, select a variety with no additional sugar. You may require to avoid pomegranate if you use specific prescription drugs. Ask your pharmacist for suggestions.

  • Tomatoes

Some studies suggest that tomatoes can protect against aggressive prostate cancer and cancer growth. This might be due to the chemical that is found in tomatoes, lycopene. Again, there is no real evidence of this. Nevertheless, if you are going to try tomatoes, use cooked and processed tomatoes. They are a better source of lycopene. This is because the body tends to absorb lycopene from cooked tomatoes more easily compared to fresh tomatoes. Especially with a little oil.

  • Green Tea

There is some evidence which suggests that chemicals in green tea can protect us against prostate cancer growth. You need to brew the tea for five minutes to make sure the tea releases all the important nutrients. This will make this beverage very strong.

  • Soy

Some research studies recommend that chemicals in soybeans might assist to decrease the development of prostate cancer and prevent cancer from coming back after treatment (persistent prostate cancer). But other studies have not had the ability to confirm this and we still need more research into the possible advantages of soy.

If you do choose to eat more soy, you could attempt soy products such as soybeans, soy milk, tofu, soy yogurts, soy bread, miso, and tempeh. Attempt to avoid soy products with included salt and sugar.

Foods For Prostate Cancer – The Bad

There is some proof that eating a lot of specific foods might be hazardous for males with cancer of the prostate. Listed below, we describe a few of these foods. You do not have to avoid them entirely. However, may still want to eat moderate quantities of the following foods as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

  • Dairy Foods and Calcium

Calcium is necessary for strong bones and general health, so you require some in your diet. Normal amounts of calcium and dairy foods– which are high in calcium– will not increase your threat of advanced cancer of the prostate. Some research studies recommend that consuming more than 2000mg of calcium each day (the amount in about 1.6 liters of milk) might increase the risk of advanced prostate cancer several years later. But other research studies have actually discovered no link.

  • Fat

Some studies show a link between dietary fat (the fat discovered in food) and prostate cancer. For instance, consuming great deals of saturated fat might be related to an increased threat of prostate cancer coming back after surgical treatment (reoccurring prostate cancer), and of advanced prostate cancer. And changing animal fats with vegetable oils might help guys with cancer of the prostate to live for longer.

Consuming excessive fat can also make you put on weight, which increases your risk of aggressive or advanced prostate cancer. However, some research studies have actually discovered no link in between a high-fat diet and advanced prostate cancer.

  • Meat

The effect of red and processed meat on men with prostate cancer isn’t clear, however, some research studies suggest that eating excessive amounts may raise your threat of aggressive and advanced cancer of the. Red meat consists of beef, pork, and lamb. Processed meat is meat that has actually been maintained by smoking cigarettes, treating or salting, or with preservatives. It includes ham, bacon, sausages, and hamburgers.

Meat prepared at very high temperatures or very well done, such as barbecued, grilled or fried meat, may also increase your danger of advanced cancer, especially if it’s red meat, processed meat, or poultry with the skin left on. This may be triggered by chemicals that are made when meat burns. These chemicals can damage normal cells and cause cancer. Thank you for reading. Share your love below and like this post.

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