4 Simple Solutions For Treating Hair Loss & Alopecia

Alopecia hair loss

Do you have damaged and dry hair? You use heat almost every day? Did you start to experience hair loss or alopecia? We have the solution to these problems. 

We all want to have a great look because beautiful hair makes a better aesthetic image. However, a large percentage of individuals need to fight versus hair loss and alopecia which represent one of the most typical problems and tough to deal with it. Same happens with receding hair loss.

What is Alopecia

It is approximated that in the scalp there are 100,000 hairs of hair and daily we lose between 50 to 100 hairs. Nevertheless, when the fall exceeds this limitation, it is time to begin treating it, as this problem can advance and reach the point of baldness.

For those who are afraid of this, we offer 4 natural solutions for hair loss which you can do at home. Do not let outside conditions to make you bald, because you have a choice.

Solutions for Receding Hair Loss

Lots of people today have to deal with this hair problem since there are lots of elements that can trigger it. Amongst its primary causes we find:

  • The ecological effects
  • The aging
  • Stress
  • Extreme consumption of tobacco
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Hereditary aspects
  • Infections of the scalp
  • The use of chemicals for hair
  • Specific medications
  • Autoimmune diseases, polycystic ovarian syndrome, iron shortage anemia or persistent illness.

Today there are lots of items that can assist you to handle alopecia, to avoid it from becoming worse and recuperating the beauty of the hair. Nevertheless, it is not required to invest large amounts of a loan at expensive treatments that might take a long period of time to exercise. Instead, we can opt to utilize natural components that, due to the fact that of their residential or commercial properties, can likewise help to attain abundant and smooth hair. Here are the best 4 natural solutions for hair loss.

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The 4 Natural Solutions for Alopecia

Massages with essential oils for the hair are really ideal to combat this problem, as they increase the blood circulation to the hair follicles and strengthen the roots.

How to treat Alopecia/Hair loss

Amongst the oils that can be utilized for this function are: coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, castor oil and rosemary oil. This is one of the 4 natural solutions for hair loss, and find out how you can do a treatment to your hair exclusively here.

What should you do

An excellent choice for beating alopecia is to prepare a mix of a few of the vital oils with rosemary oil. The latter one speeds up the outcomes, and also brings essential advantages to the hair.

Apply a little oil all over the scalp and massage, applying light pressure with your fingers. This treatment should be performed once or two times a week.


The fenugreek is also among the 4 natural solutions for hair loss that has actually been promoted for its efficiency in combating alopecia. These seeds contain estrogens and other substances similar to female sex hormonal agents that enhance hair growth and aid rebuild hair follicles. In addition, it supplies protein and nicotinic acid that likewise stimulate natural hair growth.

What should you do

⦁ Put soaked fenugreek seeds in a cup of water overnight.

⦁ The next morning, mash them into a paste.

⦁ Apply the paste all over the hair and scalp, cover with a cap and let it act for 40 minutes.

⦁ Do this treatment daily for a month.

Onion juice

Due to its high sulfur content, onion juice assists improve circulation of blood to the hair roots. It regenerates them and decreases inflammation. In addition, it has anti-bacterial, residential or commercial properties, which combat infections of the scalp that can cause hair loss.

Exactly what should you do?

⦁ Remove the onion juice with a grating, strain it then apply it straight on the scalp. Leave on for 30 minutes and then wash thoroughly to eliminate the smell.

⦁ Another option is to blend three tablespoons of onion juice and two tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel. Apply this mix throughout the scalp, let it act thirty minutes and rinse.

Beet Juice

In addition to being extremely healthy for the body, beet juice is a good ally of capillary health, able to stop the fall and promote healthy growth and precisely this is the reason why we included it in our list of 4 natural solutions for hair loss. It includes carbohydrates, proteins, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and vitamins B and C, which are important for healthy and strong hair.

Exactly what should you do?

Include beet juice in your diet plan. You can likewise consume other juices such as spinach, lettuce, alfalfa, carrot or blueberries, amongst others.

For capillary usage, boil some beet leaves, squash them, and after that blend them with a little henna. When a paste is formed, apply all of it over the scalp, let it act for 20 minutes then wash it with plenty of water. It is crucial to bear in mind that this treatment can change the tone of the hair. Although, it is ideal to cover the hair naturally.

Well, now you know how to prepare home remedies for your hair. These are best 4 natural solutions for alopecia.

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