Which Are The Best Foods To Reinforce Your Hair & Nails

Hair Care

We all want the best health for us & our family. To make sure of that, taking hair care and having healthy nails is just as important as anything else.

A well-balanced and nutritious diet is a key factor in having good hair care and healthy nails. As well as anywhere else when it comes to healthy living. Therefore, always keep it up on top of your list to take good hair care, and those nails, yeah?
Apart from everything, nails can actually be extremely attractive. Imagine going up to a girl with your dirty nails…Blah.

Furthermore, just like everything else in the human body, a healthy diet is important for having healthy nails and maintaining good hair care. Let’s say, you’re frequently stressing out for whatever reason, and on top of that, you’re eating very poorly. Your skin negative results very soon. It will dry out, you’ll develop pimples, or you’ll be sallow-looking even after only a few days. But that is not the case with hair. If your hair is damaged due to poor nutrition, you will barely notice the process because it might take months.

So, when it comes to having healthy nails and taking good hair care, the nutrients you consume from these so-called “best foods” that we’re going to present today, will help strengthen and fortify the foundation of nails and hair.

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Best Foods For Healthy Nails & Better Hair Care

Okay, let’s get to it. Countdown with us, will ya.

  • Whey Protein

Protein is known to produce keratin in the nails and hair. If you do not consume enough protein, your hair and nails might go to a resting phase which can result in hair loss and brittle nails. We suggest you add a scoop of whey protein in your smoothie, or any other drink or shake you might be using in your daily routine. An added bonus with whey protein is, of course, it’s health benefits that are directly linked to weight loss.

  • Salmon

Apart from being rich in Vitamin D and protein, both of which are essential for maintaining a better hair care, Salmon is primarily popular for its omega 3 fatty acids content. These fatty acids induce better hair growth which your body cannot do by itself. Natural Oils on our scalp also contain Omega 3’s and this helps to keep those oils hydrated and dandruff-free. Don’t you like Salmon?

Don’t you like Salmon? Oh, well, nevermind go to the next food… Or wait a minute. You can actually replace Salmon with sardines, pumpkin seeds, avocados, mackerel and also herring. Yep. You’re welcome.

  • Yummy Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a vibrant source of carotene, which produces Vitamin A in our body. People who lack this vitamin, sure as hell should eat these because they are prone to experiencing dandruff and itchy scalp. Have you heard of purple potatoes?-Check it out.

  • Walnuts

Ahoy, these delicious little squirrel cakes contain Omega-3 fatty acids. Biotin and Vitamin E also exists in these amazing nuts. These two are important for guarding your DNA-cells against harm. And, of course, to get back to the subject, they are also helpful for hair & nail care so you must start using them in your diet.

  • Spinach

Yes, we know. You don’t like spinach, we get it, but, we have to mention this super veggie because it helps in various ways. And one of its abilities is to shield your scalp and develop better hair care for everyone that consumes it. So, we suggest you do. Anyhow, this veggie is special because of its Vitamin C, carotene & folate content. This, as mentioned helps your hair follicles and provokes strong and healthy nails.

  • And finally, Lentils

Тhese mighty little things are stacked in vital nutrients such as biotin, zinc, protein, and iron. If you don’t like their taste, there are many recipes out there on how to prepare them with delicious spices and ingredients. But we’re not here for that, are we?

Thanks for reading! As always, we’re happy to provide you with original content.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy our little humor twist in style. If that’s the case, comment below and let us know if you want to see more of these.

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