The 4 Best Hip Stretches – Health Benefits, Why Do We Need Them

Hip Stretches

It is common to develop muscle imbalances around the hip. Hip stretches are part of a treatment strategy to deal with them.

In people that sit at work for extended periods of time hip flexors and rotators can become tight, and gluteal muscles become weak. This can impact gait, posture, spinal stability, and motion patterns.

The hip requires approximately 15 degrees of hip extension in order for you to walk typically. If hip flexors are tight, this means that, in order to walk, compensatory motion needs to occur through the lower back triggering neck and back pain and premature disc degeneration. Like other joints, if we cannot take them through their full range regularly we eventually lose mobility.

Why Do We Need To Do Hip Stretches

The hip is a very stable ball and socket type joint with a naturally large series of movement. The hip consists of some of the biggest muscle in the body and also some of the smallest. The majority of people lack mobility due to a fairly sedentary lifestyle. When you are sitting down for a long period of the day, this results in a tightness of the hip flexors and hamstrings. Tightness in the muscles and ligaments can develop joint forces. This can result in arthritis, postural problems, bursitis, and mechanical neck and back pain.
The positioning of the hip impacts pelvic and spinal posture and function so the routine efficiency of hip stretches will assist you to maintain an excellent posture and positioning.
Now that we know a little more about Hip Stretches we’re going to show you an example of only a few among many possible stretches.

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The 4 Best Hip Stretches:

  • Hip Flexor Stretch

Hip Stretches

  1. The hip flexors are the psoas major, psoas small, and iliacus muscles. All of which insert into the lower trochanter on the thigh.
    To extend the left hip flexors kneel on your left knee and put your right foot in front of you.Gradually, your right hip and knee have to do with 90 degrees.
  2. Put a cushion on the floor for your knee if you discover this unpleasant.
  3. Put your left hand on your left hip. Then press your left hip forward so that it is in front of your left knee.
  4. Keep your chest up and don’t flex forward at the hips
  • The hamstring stretch through the doorway


This stretch has also been verified in the literature. This is as a result of being “easier” in regards to keeping steady hips.

  1. This stretch is carried out by resting on the floor with one leg on the wall and the other flat on the floor through the entrance.
    Pull yourself closer to the wall as you feel a stretch.
  2. The majority of people take advantage of this stretch being held for only 30 seconds.
  3. This hamstring extending method has actually been shown to be just as effective as the standing hamstring stretch.

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  • Hip Rotator Stretches

The hip rotators do not only turn the thigh on the hips.They also more functionally rotate the pelvis on the weight bearing fixed thigh. Activities such as swing a golf club, and even just strolling need some rotation of the hips on the weight bearing leg. While we do not need that much variety of motion to walk, activities such as running, dancing, tennis, and many other sports can need more hip rotation.

Hip Stretches

1.Internal Rotators

  1. Extend the left side while sitting, cross your left leg over the right so that your left ankle is laying throughout your right thigh.
  2. Put your left hand on your left thigh and gently press down up until you feel resistance.
  3. Then tilt forward at the hips gradually as you breathe out. Bare in mind to keep your chest up and your back straight. Do not enable yourself to stoop forward or lose the normal lordosis (inward curvature) in your lower back.
  4. Hold this position for a suitable time. For the majority of individuals, 30 seconds is beneficial.

2.External Rotators

  1. Again, to stretch the left side, begin as above with your left ankle laying throughout your right thigh.
  2. Clinch the left knee with both hands and pull your left knee up towards your right shoulder.
  3. Pull to the point of resistance, but not discomfort as you breathe out gradually.
  4. Hold this for the appropriate time.

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