How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

how to prevent ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs can be unsightly and painful. However, there are steps to take to treat them. Today we tell you how to prevent ingrown hairs naturally.

The hair grows normally from one side called the follicle. A red hair appears when the tip of the hair is trapped in the follicle, but the hair keeps growing. This can trigger swelling, pain, irritation, and infection in many cases.

How Ingrown Hairs Appears

how to prevent ingrown hairs old razors

Ingrown hairs usually occur after shaving, which is why are usually referred as “razor cuts”.  People with curly hair who shave often such as African-American men who face the beard area are particularly at risk of suffering from ingrown hairs frequently.

Experts estimate that up to 60 percent of African-American men who shave have experienced ingrown hairs. However, anyone can have a body embodied in any part of the body. Chin, legs, armpits, are all places where hairs are often incarnated in women and men.

How to prevent ingrown hairs

The treatment of ingrown hairs may be the only way to get something like relief from the associated aches and pains since most were not eliminated on their own. You may need a dermatologist to remove the ingrown hair by releasing it under the skin with a needle.

Some beauticians (beauty experts trained in services that include facials and hair removal) can do this too. If the ingrown hairs become infected, you may need an antibiotic cream or a prescription antibiotic too, to avoid complications.

Avoiding ingrown hairs

Shave correctly – If that is your chosen hair removal method, pay attention to the following steps: soften the skin with water, neutral soap or shaving foam (the same as used by men). Do not shave against the direction of the incarnated hair, make a slight pressure during the step of the shaver and use a new shaver each time (or change it every two or three passes).

Do not wear tight clothing – This will cause the skin to be tight and not have the ability to “breathe”, nor will the hair grow under the dermis. This can lead to ingrown hairs. Especially avoid body clothes when you finish shaving or shaving. In turn, it is advisable to use cotton clothing and no other material (such as synthetic).

Dilate the pores – Use hot water or a steam bath. Apply a warm wet towel or hair dryer to the legs. This will make it easier to “detach” the hairs.

Avoid using the same wax for more than several times. In aesthetics centers what they do is reuse the wax for days or weeks. Thus, women tend to get infections that can be very serious. To avoid this, buy small wax packages and use them ones or twice.


Extra prevention

how to prevent ingrown hairs

Submerge a cotton ball in witch hazel water and apply to the skin where the hair has been incarnated. This home remedy is very good for soothing irritated skin and helping to remove hairs. It serves in turn to reduce redness and inflammation. It is a product that exfoliates, moisturizes and unclogs clogged pores. Use before and after waxing.

Remove the surface of the ingrown hair with a clamp. You should know that the hairs are “trapped” under the first layer of the dermis and therefore can be removed by scraping gently. Lift the hair gently, but do not tear it off, because it will irritate the area even more and you will be able to infect it. Do not forget to have clean hands (wash with neutral soap) and apply a little alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on the clamp before using it.

Apply Aloe Vera gel. It is an incredible natural remedy for reddish hairs. Place each night in the affected area and let it act. The best thing is to have a plant of aloe at home, open a stem and extract the pulp. Creams and lotions are also solid, but you will need more time to take effect. Make sure it does not contain alcohol because it will irritate and burn a lot.

Choose some essential oils such as chamomile or lavender. These products are very strong, which is why you need to mix them with water. You can mix the oils together if you want.

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Steps to remove a red hair

  1. Wash the area with water and neutral soap, with cold or warm water.
  2. Exfoliate well the area of the ingrown hair, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, so the hair will be “loose”. Do this gently, in order to avoid irritation or bleeding. The process is in order to remove dead skin, grease or dirt.
  3. Apply a cloth or canvas that is hot (not burning) in the affected area for a few minutes, to soften the skin.
  4. Use a sterilized clip before with alcohol or boiling water.
  5. Stretch the skin firmly and take the hair from the root with the clamp to extract it with a quick “pull”.
  6. When finished, use an antiseptic such as tea tree oil or Aloe Vera.

Repeat this process if you suffer from ingrown hairs frequently or if you have several areas of the body.


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