Is Pasta Healthy? Which Pasta is the Healthiest and Has the Least Calories

If you are one of those that just cannot live without pasta but you want to lose weight you must be asking yourself “is pasta healthy?” Well, let’s see… Pasta is one of the most versatile foods that exist. You can find it in almost every cuisine in the world because it has the quality to adapt to any palate. It is economical, nutritious, easy to prepare and goes well with an infinity of supplements.

Its nutritional contribution is enormous, although this is not always compatible with a slender figure. Although pasta is not the best way to lose weight, it does not get as much fat as many people think. It’s not always about the pasta itself. What influences its caloric content is the way you prepare it, the ingredients you choose to combine it with.

Therefore, it is not the same to eat a simple pasta with seafood, then a very processed pasta with bacon. Everything is in the details.

The different types of pasta

different pastas
The Different Kinds of pasta

Pasta is not a generic food since many varieties have been created today. Each of them has its own characteristics and its own number of calories. Firstly, we have to distinguish which are the main types of pasta, according to the preparation and the components.

There are basically five types of pasta:

  • Dry Pasta. It is the result of the mixture of semolina and water, which is then subjected to a drying process. This type of pasta does not contain much water and this causes it to concentrate its nutrients.
  • Fresh Pasta. This is the name given to a type of pasta that contains a greater amount of water and has a shorter shelf life than dry pasta.
  • Simple Pasta. It can be fresh or dry. What characterizes it is that it is made with hard wheat semolina or soft wheat flour, without any other component.
  • Composite Pasta. This is the pasta to which other elements such as vegetables, eggs, vegetables, etc. are added.
  • Stuffed Pasta. It includes those kinds of pasta in whose interior they have other ingredients such as cheese, meat, etc.

The simple dry pasta is the one that contains fewer calories. It is estimated that his caloric intake for a serving of 80 grams is approximately 277.6 calories.

This type of pasta is also the most consumed. It is estimated that 6 servings a week do not alter the normal diet.

Cold pasta is less fattening because it has fewer calories

is pasta healthy healthiest pasta

In terms of caloric intake, not only the type of pasta that is consumed influences, but also the temperature at which it is eaten. It seems strange, but the pasta fattens less if eaten cold. This is due to the glycemic index. This measures the time it takes the body to digest and absorb carbohydrates.

  • Some foods, when ingested, quickly release a lot of glucose in the blood. It is said then that they have a high glycemic index.
  • Others perform this process more slowly and then it is said that their glycemic index is low.

Foods with a low glycemic index make the sensation of hunger dissipate. Therefore, they encourage you to eat less. When the pasta is eaten cold, the body absorbs it in a similar way as it would with fiber. If it overheats, it does not lose this property. Therefore, if what you want is to consume fewer calories, the ideal thing is to avoid the freshly prepared hot pasta.

The calories in pasta dishes

is pasta healthy

There are different preparations with pasta that are very common. Each of them provides different caloric values. If your goal is to lose weight and still enjoy pasta dishes, we advise staying with us.

This is the caloric map of the most common pasta dishes:

  1. Pasta marinara. It consists of 380 calories and is the one with the pasta dishes that offers the lowest calories. It is ideal if you are on a strict diet.
  2. Pasta salad. If it is composed of light companions, such as salmon or white cheese, it usually does not contribute more than 400 calories.
  3. Macaroni with tomato sauce. As long as it is a fresh tomato sauce and other supplements are not incorporated, such as Parmesan cheese, this preparation provides around 400 calories.
  4. Macaroni with chorizo. If the portion of chorizo is reasonable, it does not have to contribute more than 500 calories.
  5. Pasta Bolognese. It represents about 525 calories, but it is also one of the most appetizing preparations. It is important not to eat it frequently.
  6. Pasta with pesto. Although the base of the pesto is the basil, the other components are not so dietetic. A plate of this preparation contains at least 575 calories.
  7. Pasta Carbonara. If you wear liquid cream, it represents about 585 calories. If the cream is replaced by egg, it shouldn’t be more than 515 calories.


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