Stress Eating? 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Stop

Stress Eating

Why can’t you control your stress eating? Knowing the answer can help you stop. Once you take control of your joy and pain, you take away the power of food.

The majority of people believe stress eating is due to lack of self-control. However, extensive and substantial research has proven that is seldom the case. If stress eating was a simple issue of discipline, we could easily find this discipline without torturing ourselves over planning meals, spending tons of money on special diets, and continuously obsessing about who is eating what and when.  And, naturally, no eating disorders.

What I have to state on this subject matter is nothing new. Nevertheless, sometimes a repetition of the information can work as a helpful reminder. Here are the 5 things that contribute the most to stress eating.

Five Reasons Why You Can’t Stop Stress Eating

1. Food as Your Only Pleasure

I’ve often asked individuals exactly what they would feel if they did not binge or overindulge. And the most common answer “I would have nothing to look forward to.” And at the end of a long and stressful day, a big bowl of ice cream can be specifically effective in briefly soothing our exhausted, hard-working selves. Why? In accordance with numerous sources, consuming sugars and fats release opioids in our brains. Opioids are the active components in cocaine, heroin, and numerous other narcotics. So the relaxing, soothing effects that you feel when you eat ice cream and potato chips are real. And breaking these habits can be like getting rid of a drug habit.

You need to find other ways to reward and soothe yourself besides food. Will these other ways be as efficient at relaxing you as food? Never! The important things you develop will help you somewhat. But, In order to truly give up stress eating, you are also going to need to practice enduring difficult emotions.

2. Unawareness

Stress eating can be a direct result of not understanding what or why you’re eating. Therapists call this unconscious eating. Unconscious eating is when you’re finished with your meal and you continue to pick through it, gradually eating the remaining portion that you planned to leave behind. It can likewise be putting crackers or chips or any other food in your mouth, simply because it’s in front of you.

You need to try to remain mindful of what and when you are eating. It can be tedious to focus totally on your eating, especially at the beginning. If you really want to see a change, start slowly and avoid self-judgment as much as you can!

3. Body Hate

It might sound counterintuitive, however, it’s true: hating your body is among the biggest factors in stress eating. Embarrassment, negativity, and hatred hardly ever inspire individuals to make long-lasting great changes, particularly when it pertains to our bodies or our sense of self. Many individuals say that they will stop hating their body after they reach their goal weight. It’s important to stop hating your body before you can stop the stress eating cycle.

4. Inability to Tolerate Difficult Feelings

In our culture, we learn to avoid things that feel bad from a young age. Sadly, the ways we have found to sidetrack ourselves from tough sensations are not always in our best interest. Without the capability to tolerate experiencing life’s inevitable yucky sensations, we expose ourselves to stress eating.

You need to practice letting yourself experience difficult feelings. A lot easier said than done! We don’t like feeling mad, sad, bored, and rejected. What’s the point in feeling mad? People think it doesn’t change anything. It may not change the source of your anger, however, it will prevent you from needing to blunt your feelings with bad habits you’d like to stop, like eating.

(You Mind Find This Interesting, –“Happy Gut, Happy Mind: 5 Foods To Improve Your Mental Health”). Article Continues…

5. Physiology

Letting yourself get too hungry or too worn out is the very best way to leave yourself susceptible to stress eating. When your body is starving or exhausted, it not only sends out strong messages to your brain that signal it to eat. It also isn’t equipped to fight off yearnings or urges.

Get a lot of sleep and eat several small meals throughout the day. Maybe some of you don’t have the time, however, if your goal is to stop stress eating, you’re going to have to make those two things a concern. There is no other way around it.


Stress eating is a powerful and effective method to find temporary relief from much of life’s obstacles. If it didn’t work so well, no one would do it. In order to stop this cycle of stress eating, you need to make a commitment to reach deep inside yourself to find a place of strength and grit and hopefully, the reminders above can help you in your journey.

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